Bio: We are service workers in Bangladesh with MCC. Erin is a Registered Nurse, and Nishant is a Economic Development Advisor.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Good morning. Polly and I are going to need some instruction to be able to make good use of this ‘updating” spot. fb

    • Hello Frank,
      Thanks for showing interest in what Erin and I are doing. Sorry for my late response to your inquiry. It would seem that when you checked our blog on January 6th, we did not have any content to view. Now that we have arrieved in Bangladesh, we have had some time to settle down and write. Erin emailed out our update a couple weeks ago and now if you check our blog you will be able to read our reflections, view pictures, and see a few videos.

      Let me know if you are able to view our updates.

  2. Absolutely loved the transparency of your blog post today, Erin! I was hugely encouraged! Love you guys so much! Lor

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