Beautiful Collision

Hello from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG)! We have now moved to our new home in the capital city and have been living here for almost two months. In this update we want to share what is happening in our work and family life, as well as our plan moving forward on how we will stay connected to you all through email prayer updates and reflections we will post on our blog.

We want to share some exciting news – our family is growing! In October 2017, we will be expecting our second son. Eli and I will return to Toronto at the end of August in preparation for the delivery of the baby and Nishant will join us closer to the due date. I anticipate staying in Toronto until December 2017 before we are able to get the new baby’s passport and visas sorted to return to PNG.

Nishant transitioned from a consultant to an employee with World Vision International in March 2017. This was after he took February off to be with me in Australia for my ankle surgery, and then he briefly traveled back to Canada with me where I could recover. He returned in March and is now based in the PNG head office in Port Moresby, where he is working as the Resilience and Livelihood Manager for PNG and providing technical support to other countries in the Pacific region. Before Eli and I returned to PNG in May, Nishant spent 7 weeks ‘on the road’ traveling through many of the projects in his portfolio (in Madang, Sepik and Bougainville provinces), to meet with partners (in East New Britain province), and to the Solomon Islands to support the World Vision team there. Since we have arrived back in PNG, Nishant has been desk bound as he has had numerous reports, evaluations and workshops.

In Port Moresby, I spend most of my time at home with Eli as I continue to gain strength in my foot and manage things around the home while being pregnant. I go to physiotherapy twice a week and work on gait training (to help with walking) and to increase the range of motion in my foot. I am now able to walk without any aids or crutches. My pain is much less now, but I often have some swelling in my ankle by the end of the day due to the injury and the humid climate here in PNG. I am so thankful for how much I have been able to accomplish in a short amount of time and look forward to the day when I am not in any pain.

Eli and I fill our days by playing at home, reading books, swimming and going to a local nature park once a week. He has learned to love tropical birds and crocodiles. He is talking so much now and often asking “What is this?” followed by “Why?” He is learning right from wrong and how to have good manners. He continues to love ice hockey which he plays on the tile floor, and he even has some lines from the song “The Good Old Hockey Game” memorized. He is attending the Sunday School at the church we go to and is very interested in the Bible stories we read at night before bed. We are so thankful he has remained healthy through all the changes and his friendly and outgoing personality continues to shine!

Now that we are based in the capital city, I desire to get connected with the local health care system and engage with other nurses here in Port Moresby. I find this the most helpful to learn more about the culture and people we serve, but I also realize that I need to focus my time and energy at home right now. In the next year I hope to begin some volunteering as a way to get more connected and serve the community.

This year has been filled with many highs and lows, valleys and mountain top experiences, and through this we have been able to beautifully see God’s hand at work as he guided us through these chaotic collisions out of the ordinary. After several months of uncertainty, we are beginning to feel settled into our new house and have begun to make it a home. We are beginning to make new friends through World Vision and our new church and bible study. We recently celebrated Nishant’s 30th birthday and Eli’s 2nd birthdays, and each time we were able to invite many new friends to enjoy a meal, field sports and time by the pool in our complex. It was a great time to continue to deepen friendships and make memories with an eclectic group of people!

With our new posting here in Port Moresby being steadier than our time in Bougainville, we anticipate having more time to set aside to connect well with you our friends and family who have been such great supporters for us. We plan to send a monthly prayer update and some photos of what we have been up to at home and work by email. Every three months we plan to write a reflection on different topics that we are contemplating, and we will post this on our blog.

Although we do have more international travel coming up and major changes with the addition of a new baby, we know that God is with us and we will face each new day with confidence of His love and protection. Thank you all for your continual engagement with us as we serve abroad, and for praying for us through some of the challenges that we have faced over the past year. We look forward to seeing many of you while we are back in Toronto this Fall.

1. During this busy season at work for Nishant with many projects ending in the month of June with completion reports due and the anticipation of new projects beginning in July.
2. For health and safety while living in Port Moresby for Erin who is 6 months pregnant and still managing after effects of her foot injury.
3. For peace and stability for PNG during this election season as historically this has been a turbulent time, and that God would raise leaders who would lead with humility and serve as Christ would.

Erin, Nishant and Eli

With all of our transitions it has been a little while since we shared photos. Here are a few albums from the past few months.

Check out the full album at: November 2016

Check out the full album at: December 2016 (Bougainville)

Check out the full album at: January & February 2017 (Bougainville, Broken Ankle & Brisbane)

Check out the full album at: March 2017 (Bogia Smallholder Market Access Project)

Check out the full album at: April & May 2017 (PNG & the Solomon Islands)

Check out the full album at: Spring 2017 (Canada)

Check out the full album at: May and June 2017 (Brisbane & Port Moresby)


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Collision

  1. Dear Erin, Nishant and Eli, good morning from Moffat, Canada! I was awake early this morning so quietly made coffee while Mike and Hilary are still sleeping and I have peace and quiet to read your new post. I do enjoy reading about the work Nishant is doing and also the photos and updates on your time serving others. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with you guys and your Markham family before your return to PNG. The highlight of course was meeting little Eli who, in person, is just like his bright, happy, disposition shown in his photos….a sweet, beautiful, well adjusted little boy. Mom was so happy to see you too. She just went home to Nfld. last week.

    Hilary is busy with her work at the two stores in Waterloo as well as her floral business. Of course the summer months are always busy and she doesn’t have much free time but that’s the nature of her business with lots of summer weddings. Mike and I are still busy sprucing up the house in hopes of downsizing to something smaller and more manageable. We are taking a break and going to Nfld. for a visit in August. We also take breaks to go to Hamilton to visit Emily and her family. Ezra is playing t-ball and I’m his loudest fan on Wednesday evenings. 🙂

    I am glad to hear that your ankle continues to improve and you are able to move about without aids. Also happy you are able to continue physio there. Congratulations again on the new addition that will arrive this Fall. And another boy….how wonderful! I will keep you all in my prayers and pray that God continues to bless you as you bless others!

    Lots of Love from

    “Aunt” Donna & “Uncle” Mike


  2. Erin, Nishant and Eli
    Love the Blog and of course the precious photos. You do have a full life and what a blessing that even during difficulties you feel God’s love and protection. I really like the Taize song and will ask if we can sing it at our church.
    Love to you all and so happy that you are coming home soon!!!
    with love and prayers

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