Something from Something

A new season begins. We have now finished our time back in Canada and are about to make the journey back to Bangladesh with our new baby, Eli Emmanuel!


Over the past couple months we have been so blessed by all the support that we have received from family, old friends, and some new friends. We have been humbled by the generosity you have shown us and reminded once more that it is through your support that we are able to do our work in Bangladesh. So, thank you!

Once we get settled back in Bangladesh, we will continue with our regular blog updates that reflect on our experiences. However, in the meantime, we wanted to share with you a sermon that I preached at our home church in Canada, Rexdale Alliance Church. The title of the sermon was Something from Something and it primarily revolves around a story found in John 15 called The Vine and the Branches which talks about having life in Christ.


We travel safely and smoothly as we head back to Bangladesh with our 6 week old son Eli.
2. We transition back to life in Bangladesh well. We are also so thankful that Erin’s mother is coming back with us for a couple weeks.
3. We are able to transition out of Canada well as we say goodbye to family and friends.

Nishant (and Erin)


2 thoughts on “Something from Something

  1. Dear Nishant and Erin, Eli looks so very cute – hope you he doesn’t give you too many sleepless nights. Is it this weekend that you are leaving for BD? How nice that your Mum will be accompanying you for the trip and able to stay for a couple of weeks….that will be a great help.
    Nishant, you did a wonderful job giving that message on Something from Something….I wrote to Tatamma that one could see from what stock you have come! Well done! May the Lord continue to use you there in BD (not an easy spot), but when the Lord calls He also gives the enabling.
    Hopefully we will get to see you once more here before you finish your BD assignment – you will have introduce us to Eli.
    Have a safe flight and we will keep in touch via your posts and via Tatamma. Our love and prayer, LILO & Ron

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